Vajda Nova C1 1000

Manufacturer: Vajda

The next generation in C1 speed and performance.

Designed by Attila Vajda and already holding a string of medals, the Nova series are without doubt one of the fastest, finest C1's on the market.

The cut away bow gives explosive acceleration by preventing the stalling so common in C1's, allowing the boat get to full speed in less strokes
Hull speed has been improved and the "twitchiness" of previous models reduced.
A fully customisable interior with movable carbon thwarts, allow the paddler maximum movement and to optimise the trim for the best performance possible.

Technical properties:
Length:  520cm  Wobble Factor:  1


    Paddler weight range
 Medium 65-75kg
 Large  75-85kg
 XL 85-90kg
 XXL 90+ KG