National Schools Kayak Championships 2017

Sunday 19th November



The National Schools Kayak Championship is jointly organised by the Devizes to Westminster (DW) Race Organisation, Marsport and British Canoeing to promote schools canoeing in the UK by providing a regatta specifically for inter-school competition


It provides the opportunity for racing against paddlers from other school teams, especially for crews making getting prepared for the DW season, both returning 2017 crews and new crews making preparations for 2018.


This information and rules govern the regatta and must be read by all participants.




Racing takes place on the River Thames at:

Wokingham Waterside Centre

Thames Valley Park Drive





Classes and Distances: 

All Races will be Junior Doubles, raced in K2 or C2:

    Sprint Regatta: 200M and 500M (includes Novice class)

    Marathon Race: 20 KM (approx. 12.5 miles)

    Novice Class Marathon race of 12KM (approx. 7.5miles)


 Individual and Team Prizes will be awarded*


Novice Class:

Schools may declare entries in the Novice Class for less experienced paddlers who are new to paddling in the last 6 months, and have not previously competed in DW, Waterside or Thameside races.


*Novice class races are eligible for an individual crew trophy in Sprint racing and a shorter Marathon Race. Novice class paddlers are not eligible for the Team Trophy.





Regatta Format and Timings**: 



Arrival & Registration




Team Leader Briefing 



10.00 - 12.30





Sprint Regatta

Race 1: Seeding Heats

Race 2: 500M Time Trial

Race 3: 200M 200M Knock-Out Competition.

(Each Race has separate starts for Novice Class)



12.30 - 13.30




13.30 - 16.00





Marathon Races on Dreadnought Reach

Courses will comprise laps / buoyed turns and compulsory portage(s) at Wokingham Canoe Club.

·         Championship Marathon Race – 20KM

·         Novice Marathon Race – 12KM




BBQ and Prizegiving




**Exact timings may be subject to change depending on final entry numbers 


Paddler Eligibility and Team Composition:

Paddlers must be a current registered pupil of the School they represent. They must be under the age of 19 years, and not less than 14 years old, on the 1st of January 2017.


Teams must be nominated for the duration of the Regatta, and will consist of three or four crews, with the times for the Fastest Three crews being counted for Team Prizes. All teams must be pre-nominated by the Team Leader who must submit a completed team entry form(s) by the entry deadline. Crews will not count as a team in any other circumstances.


Novice paddlers must be new to paddling in the last 6 months, and have not previously competed in DW, Waterside or Thameside races.


Rules & Safety:

·           Races will be held in accordance with the BCU Marathon Racing Rules.

·           Buoyancy Aids: ALL Competitors must wear an Integral Foam Buoyancy aid or lifejacket conforming to one of the following European standards: EN 393 or EN 395 or ISO12402-5 or ISO12402-6. The EN standard must be clearly displayed via a label attached by the manufacturer.

·           Competitors must be able to swim 50 metres in paddling kit.

·           All crews and their supporters shall race in a fair and considerate manner and maintain a satisfactory standard of conduct throughout the Regatta. Unsporting conduct by either paddlers or their supporters will be penalised. The decisions of the Organisers on all matters shall be final.

·           Disciplinary Matters: inappropriate behaviour by supporters and/or competitors will be penalised. Any failure to observe the rules or obey the instructions of any Race Official at any time may render the crew liable to disqualification or other penalty.

·           Canoeing and Kayaking are “Assumed risk”‐“Water contact sports” that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

·           Any relevant pre-existing medical conditions must be advised on the entry form.


Boats and equipment:

Boats must contain sufficient buoyancy to support their crews in the event of capsize. Sandwich construction boats are not presumed to have sufficient inherent buoyancy and must carry additional foam or other non-porous buoyant material. Closed and water-tight compartments built in by the original manufacturer may be accepted at the discretion of the Organisers, but must have adequate buoyancy at both ends.


BCU Membership:

All Competitors should be members of the BCU. Non-members must obtain a Thames Licence to permit paddling on the River Thames


Further information:

Please contact:  

Gareth Scragg - Junior Teams Liaison 

Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race