Marsport Stiletto K2

Manufacturer: Marsport

A high performance marathon K2 on Danish lines. It's fine rounded hull gives excellent stability allowing maximum performance to be achieved even when tired. The forward section, whilst fine, incorporates enough volume for use in rough conditions, with the rocker placed forward to give good control and eliminate swing. 



Technical properties:
Length:  650cm  Wobble Factor:  4
 Width:  55cm  Paddler weight range:  100-170kg


    Approximate weights:
 Glassfibre Polyester resin  18kg
 50/50  Glass deck, Epoxy carbon kevlar hull  17kg
 C/K Economy Carbon kevlar in Polyester resin  16.5kg
 C/K Epoxy Carbon kevlar in durable epoxy laminate 16kg
 Carbon Carbon epoxy laminate 16kg
 Full Vac C/K Carbon kevlar epoxy & foam core  14kg