Marsport Macros K1

Wobble factor 4
Manufacturer: Marsport

The boat for the bigger body, both in weight and height, The raised foredeck gives loads of footspace, with a larger cockpit for paddlers with long legs. The fine v'd ends with gently rockered hull give excellent wash riding ability with just a touch of magic in the centre section to give a mite more stability than many other racing craft.

Technical properties:
Length:  520cm  Wobble Factor:  4
 Width:  39.5cm  Paddler weight range:  70-100kg



 Approximate weights:
 Glassfibre Polyester resin  11.5kg
 Club Spec Polyester deck, Epoxy diolen hull  11.8kg
 50/50  Glass deck, Epoxy carbon kevlar hull  10.5kg
 C/K Economy Carbon kevlar in Polyester resin  9.5kg
 C/K Epoxy Carbon kevlar in durable epoxy laminate 9.5kg
 Carbon Carbon epoxy laminate 9.5kg
 Full Vac C/K Carbon kevlar epoxy & foam core  8.5kg