Marsport Jaguar K1

Wobble factor 2
Manufacturer: Marsport

This is the boat that started the revolution of glass boats leading the way in sprint racing. Fine, fast and furious, it has more volume than it's little sister, the Cougar, but just as much pedigree. A slippery hull shape that is still competitive to the very top. 

Length: 520cm Wobble Factor: 2
Width: 51cm Paddler Weight: 70-90kg
Approximate weights:    
Glassfibre Polyester Resin 12kg
Club Spec Polyester/Epoxy 12.5kg
Glass deck C/K hull Epoxy Resin 11kg
Full C/K Epoxy Resin 10kg
Full Carbon Epoxy Resin 10kg
Full Vac Bag Epoxy & foam core 9kg
Ultralight competition Epoxy & foam core 8kg