Marsport Beta K1

Wobble factor 1
Manufacturer: Marsport

The slender machine for the lighter paddler. A combination of less flotational volume combined with a 35mm reduction in the width of the boat at the seat produces a well balanced, fine fast race craft. Time trials have shown an improvement over existing designs of 4>10 seconds in a three minute period 


Technical properties:
Length:  520cm  Wobble Factor:  1
 Width:  36.5cm  Paddler weight range:  50-75kg


    Approximate weights:
 Glassfibre Polyester resin 11.5kg
 Club Spec Polyester deck, Epoxy diolen hull 11.8kg
 50/50  Glass deck, Epoxy carbon kevlar hull 10kg
 C/K Economy Carbon kevlar in Polyester resin 9kg
 C/K Epoxy Carbon kevlar in durable epoxy laminate 9kg
 Carbon Carbon epoxy laminate 9kg
 Full Vac C/K Carbon kevlar epoxy & foam core 8.2kg