Kirton Tercel

Demo boat available in our Reading store

Wobble factor 10
Manufacturer: Kirton

With roots in accomplished Dutch designs, this fast touring K1 comes into it's own on choppy estuarine conditions where typical race kayaks can become hard to handle. With generous freeboard and a well-rounded deck, the Tercel sheds water exceptionally well for a dryer paddling experience. Its balanced hull gives predictable handling at all speeds, whether cruising or sprinting.

Externally, the Tercel features a moulded skeg which helps to protects the custom low-profile rudder from knocks and bumps while on the water and on shore. On flat water, it’s a great option for beginners to the sport when both the high initial and secondary stability make the Tercel forgiving enough to paddle with confidence.

+ Intergral skeg protects custom rudder
+ Full range of Kirton constructions available
+ Touring design makes it suitable for use in rougher water conditions
+ Sheds water excellently. 

Length: 520cm

Wobble factor: 10

Width: 50cm

Paddler weight: 60-100kg