Kirton Ghost

Wobble factor 2
Manufacturer: Kirton

Two years in the running. Designed and built from the ground up. This top-flight racer brings the latest innovations and features to the Kirton range. With routes stemming back to the internationally successful Talon, we’ve referenced the core dimensions and lines from the original Talon drawings, and updated almost every aspect to bring you the Ghost.

The result is a fresh evolution that parallels the Tactic, with tack-sharp modern styling and an improved positive paddling experience. Here are few more of our favourite upgrades.

This very successful racing craft is winner of several International medals, and is still popular choice with the very experienced paddler. The aggressive cutting lines have been crafted without compromise. The low-profile bow has been purpose built to pierce the wave cleanly and shed the water fast. She's a true winner if you know how to handle her.

+ Winner of international medals.
+ Platform seat only
+ Minimal surface resistance for maximum speed
+ Low profile bow to reduce windage and pierce the wave. 

Length: 520cm

Wobble factor: 2

Width: 40cm

Paddler weight: 75-90kg